After an opening like that anything I write now can only sound twee. Thanks Drew from four hours ago. Way to go. Making it difficult on us all with your poignant quotes!

I'm supposed to go and celebrate Charlie's 24th birthday tonight at Fiction with the other Scooby's but I've decided I'm too broke and have too much organising of my own club to do (yeah, yeah, I've noticed the irony).

I think we're going to run into problems, gentle reader, if I don't define a few terms that will keep popping up every now and then:

Scoobys > The name of my group of friends. Basically they'll become characters in their own right so I wont introduce them straight away, suffice to say that they're all quite kooky in their own bewitching ways. The term Scooby was stolen by me from Buffy (the Vampire Slayer) where it's used as a post modern reference in-joke thingy to the fact that they go around "solving mysteries" in a similar fashion to the original Scooby gang in the cartoon, you got it, "Scooby Doo". Although we don't technically solve mysteries, we are a gang, and we have seen some pretty strange things between us. Anyhoo, the name has stuck.

Where was I? Oh yes, so instead I'm going to drop round and see Charlie before they go out to give her my regards (She's a girl b.t.w. real name: Charlotte). I'll probably sing happy birthday and moan about how I want to go out with them (sigh). The things we do for clubbing - like not going out clubbing. But the preparations are going really well, I always know one of my projects on the river of success when it creates its own momentum. Click here to see the eflyer.

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