I’m not sure what my main motivation for starting a blog is. The idea struck me after reading a story in the Guardian about an Iraqi blogger who was hailed as a unique voice in the continuing climate of spin and propaganda. However the blog had very humble beginnings, it was simply created to keep in touch with a friend who was terrible at replying to emails. As most of mine are infrequent, overlong and have faux newspaper column desires (my emails, not my friends) it feels like a logical step to “publish” them online. As well as this I’m physically distant from my family and many other people I love, and it’s about time that they were forced to take some interest in my day to day life again.

Then of course there’s my ego. I fancy myself a writer – a queer blend of Bridget Jones, Alistair Cooke and those people that send you unsolicited Viagra ads. If you find yourself reaching for the dictionary feel more than confident that I’ve been using a thesaurus.

But enough of me talking about me... oh, wait, actually I guess that’s the whole point. As Robbie from the play Shopping & Fucking explains, "We all need stories, we make up stories so that we can get by. And I think a long time ago there were big stories. Stories so big you could live your whole life in them. The Powerful Hands of the Gods and Fate. The Journey to Enlightenment. The March of Socialism. But they all died, or the world grew up or grew senile or forgot them, so now we're all making up our own stories. Little stories. But we've each got one."

This is mine.

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