I've just finished a phone call with him so it seems only fitting that he is going to be the first Scooby to get roasted. Ladies & Gentlemen...

Joseph Loveland used to pull my hair when we first met. Well not literally - it was quite short and he probably couldn't get a hold especially with the slippery hair product I used to wear back in those days - but metaphorically speaking, he was a little mean. He's since explained that he was maybe a wee bit uncompromising with new people. This all changed one fateful weekend when Jo, Olly (more about him another time) and I stayed over for a long weekend and planted the seeds of friendship. Ew, that sounds gross - well we bonded and now we're as thick as thieves who don't steal any more but just hang out a lot.

Jo is a master of extremes. His ultimate happiness would be to meet Kylie Minogue yet pop him in a zip-up Parka and you'd mistake him for a breeder. He'll happily party for five days, literally, but I know Jo will end up very content with a nice little home and if not a picket fence than perhaps some shrubbery.
The thing I love most about him is his self depreciating and irreverent humour. When someone asked him, straight faced, if he was the Coco-pops monkey (there are, it has to be said, some similarities) he dutifully retold the story to us in all its glory. And the silliness! Not one silly voice is spared!
He worries that he's not like one of those empty muscle boys that are, for some reason, revered so highly by our people. But he's popular with the unfairer sex and (I've heard stories told) a bit kinky in the sack. That's me boy!

Enough now. Don't want my blog to start being all about other people.

And in other news: feeling better, mouth still has tiny paper cuts all over for some reason but I think I've avoided a cold. Finalised the DJ line-up for Nova. Left a message for my sister Holly in New Zealand (happy birthday!) Watched half of Brazil until I thought I was getting a Terry Gilliam induced fever and turned it quickly off.

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