At Kate’s birthday drinks I had that troubled feeling reminiscent of the time I left Drama School a year early. I think I am expecting more of my friends than they can provide. Kate was wonderful though, she hadn’t been looking forward to her birthday since it’s her first without her brother Steve. I left very early because I had to wash the kitchen floor for the big move. Well, I was supposed to. I arrived home, watched “Wife Swap” on the telly and turned in early instead.

Received this from Uncle Traveling Will >

“It's 11am here - 4am in London - just been for a run on the beach as the sun was coming up over the misty Malay rainforest. Was mind-blowing. Won't give too much away about what I've been up to, though the words "monkeys", "in" and "my bedroom" should give you a hint.
Going to the Datai now - high tidal area, mainly used for growing rice, and accessible only by boat. Houses on stilts. That kinda deal.
Flying to Penang tomorrow, then Kuala Lumpur on Friday and then home Saturday. Sitting next to Lorraine Kelly on way back!
Anyway, gotta run, the jungle is calling. As is my new Malay wife. And four children. Bless them.”

I’m going for a swim at lunchtime at the gym. Viva Aqua Drew!

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