I don't know where to start.

Friday night Lizzie and I called on a man in a glass box. Before we arrived we took a detour at one of my favourite places in London - the Tate Modern. A new artist had just finished installing a giant sun in the cavernous gut of the gallery. On the ceiling (three floors high) was an enormous mirror. I had vertigo when I looked up. It felt like I was about to fall onto myself. I remembered when I was 16 with some friends, lying in a huge field and looking at the stars, I imaged we were upside down and about to drop into the Universe. I was nearly sick.

As Lizzie and I walked further into to the room we could see that people were lying on the floor nearer the sun. The atmosphere bordered on devotional. It was wonderful, the strange yellow light bleaching all colours from our clothes and skin. We lay on the floor and I built up enough courage to look at the ceiling again.

David Blaine on the other hand was no shining star. He didn't even get out of his duvet. There were thousands of scary 15-year-old kids riding bikes and yelling at each other. A fenced off inner sanctum under the box was apparently for the dedicated fans and they had to wait round for days to get in there. Lizzie distracted a family while I stole her a poster that said "Good luck from Ireland." I had to run after that. It had been a long week and two trips to the gym had tired me out but I'd planned to see Will and where there's a Will...

I was late. We went to the Shadow Lounge but I was too tired to really enjoy it. I did a quick audit of the room and no one was even in the same league as Will.

On Saturday morning I left him to get on with packing for Malaysia (he's currently on a six day working holiday there) and I checked out a room in Marylebone. There was no lounge and the bedroom was a bit small (not that I could afford anything bigger in this part of town) so I will keep looking.

Afterwards I joined the Scooby's for a pint before heading back home to Piers' proper leaving do. It's been two and a half years of cohabitation and now he's going to Perth with his lovely new girlfriend. I'll miss the little guy.

To be continued.


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