Scooby Who? An Occasional Series
#2 Kate

I first met Kate when she was sporting a pixie haircut and was playing Romeo in a lesbianesque production I never ended up seeing. Our friendship started innocently enough - we’d meet for lunch when I was working in Noho (north of Soho) and talk & eat. She is a slow thoughtful eater and I gulp my food down but other than that we had lots in common. As in most good friendships I don’t know quite when we became close. We started texting a bit (she has impeccable beginner friendship etiquette) and since she was a Scooby I’d see her every weekend. We both resented being pigeonholed; I was no more her fag, than she my hag - but we were pretty stereotypical when it came to being best friends.

I guess our defining moment together (and a tale we’ll reel off with any provocation) is the night we both took acid. I won’t bore you with all the trippy details but as it says on the label it we ran round barefoot like mad elves. It was a profoundly intense few hours.

Kate loves disco & funky house, DJing, reading newspapers out loud and she giggles like a schoolgirl whenever I tell her “I’m feeling a little queer”.

A few months ago Kate became my boss. She was given the venerable task of running Carwash in Ibiza for the summer and of course she chose fellow Scoobies - Lorna, Jo & Karen (and me, and me!) to be on her team. We had an uphill battle from the start but when you’re on what seems like an extended holiday with friends you feel untouchable. After two months life caught up with us. Kate had to leave the island after she found out her brother had died tragically. Since then it’s been tough for obvious reasons. I see less of her now – she works evenings and Tom, the young man she met in Ibiza, has become her boyfriend and they’ve fallen in love. Even though we make plenty of time for each other, every now and then I really miss her.

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