This morning I woke up in Will’s bed with him stroking the back of my neck. He made us both breakfast and afterwards we walked to the Tube chatting about when we were going to see each other next. I was half an hour late for work but I really, really didn’t care. Gentle Reader, we are entering into a new era. I’d like to call it - The Time of Will.

Fact > There is gratuitous lovedupness in the following blog entry.

Let me take you back to the beginning of the weekend…
I left work half an hour early to race to Leicester Square & catch the early evening showing of Finding Nemo with Will. By this stage my gym-workout-body-ache had started to grow worse, with a dull throbbing pain throughout my left arm and chest. I guess I really should have taken it easier on the weights. The film was very sweet but I was in pain and although I was still trying to be all third datey with Will I had to breezily run to buy some pain killers. We then called in to welcome back my friend Ef (who’d just returned from a year in Australia) and I washed down two nurofen with a strawberry daiquiri. Half an hour later, and feeling much more floaty, I casually dropped into conversation that I wouldn’t be averse to Will staying for breakfast (I know, I know...) On the way to the next bar he explained that he’d prefer to wait a while before any breakfast was had. Maybe another two weeks or so?

To begin with I felt a bit jilted. It’s hard not to take this sort of thing personally but we talked it out and the crux of the matter was that we liked each other and he didn’t want to rush into the breakfast bit. The escapade even earned the man some respect. I only wish I’d taken the high moral ground first!

Fact > my sister Holly will be giving birth in 5 ½ weeks.

So I woke up by myself in my own bed Saturday morning but with everyone out of the house it gave me some blissful “me” time. I’ve found some short writing pieces that I finished almost two years ago in an old journal so I typed them up and generally pottered round the house. My chest and arm were still throbbing so I was a bit loopy on pain killers again.

At 8pm I arrived at Sam’s house for a Scooby Dinner™ where the big surprise was that Diana had come back from Barcelona for the weekend to hear Kate’s DJ debut at Orange (a very trendy after-hours club in Vauxhall) on Monday morning. Diana was on great form and regaled us with glamorous stories about what a single blonde girl gets up to in Spain. It was also my introduction to Happy Tree Friends, a new twisted cartoon that Sam had bought on DVD. The boys loved it, the girls squealed “turn it off, turn it off!”

Will had invited me to a new night called Element so Kate, Jo & I left the dinner to travel the short journey to the Coliseum. As luck would have it we knew the promoter and doorman of the club so I was able to get Will in free and earned some serious “cool” points. The club was pretty much an earlier version of the infamous after-hour parties at the same venue and the crowd was similar too - sleek clubbing machines. Will earned points for being a great dancer and getting the thumbs up from Kate. We danced, we snogged, we danced some more and suddenly it was 5am and time to go home.

Fact > Will has already started making his Christmas gifts.

Jo, Will & I went back to mine. We watched videos, dozed and I made a concerted effort not to have "breakfast". It was such a nice day. There was nothing to it but I realised how cool Will is. When you meet someone you’re continually ticking off a list in your mind (yes, yes, no, no, yes, no) and for the first time in such a long while there were no nos. And I don’t think I have to tell you what that means.


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