Saturday Night > we go to Escape bar in Soho. I have a fun time with Will but feel disappointed by a few of the Scooby’s who, though not rude, are not on best behaviour. I understand I’m very tough on my friends but even after I rationalised my feelings I still felt let down.

Sunday > we were in serious young couple in love mode with a slumberous Sunday morning before Will jetted off for a week of Asian Sun. We walked to a Market, bought some food for lunch, I cooked, he packed, small birds landed on the windowsill and deer nuzzled the window pane watching us go about our happiness. My emotions swung the other way on the tube ride home because a train had derailed. Apart from the spook factor (I take that line almost every day, it coulda been me!) it means I have the hell ride to work each morning; train, tube, bus, tube x 2. I pay £23 a week on travel in London (that’s almost NZ $250 a month!) I think I might write another letter to my local MP.

Monday > Have another cold. That will teach me for kissing boys. In the afternoon I had my last interview with Spokesmodels, the agency I’ve joined for “Gorgeous, intelligent and educated people” – basically modelling with brains. Not sure what that really entails yet but it’s done marvels for my ego. Then I went home and put everything I own into cardboard boxes.

Today > am annoying the universe with my cough. Its Kate’s birthday tonight and I think I might have to flake. In other news, I’m devising a cunning new idea – an online puzzle where you have to solve some sort of mystery based on clues available at certain websites – a sort of Cyber Cluedo. You heard it here first.

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