What a great day I’ve had. It didn’t start out so fantastic. Yesterday my friend Mike who is a web developer gave me a call to say the place he was working at (snazzy media company in Regents Street) were looking for a Web Editor and he’d casually brought up my name. Before you could say “Up all night writing my CV” I was well, up all night… Anyways, I had a late night but managed to send the CV off this morning. Then not so long ago I received this, my favourite of all correspondence, we-like-you-mail…

Hi Andrew

Thanks for sending this over, it would be great if you could come in and see us and talk us through some of your work. Would this be possible? Happy to do lunchtime or after work if it is tricky for you in work hours.



No, really, thank you Sophie.

At lunch I had a long fast swim. Swimming is the only form of exercise that I can do for over an hour without getting bored. This lunchtime I went into a strange trance, completely losing track of how many lengths I’d swum and wandering across the lanes to the consternation of the housewives on either side of me. OK they could have been career women but they swam like housewives.

And then I got another email from Will. OK. This is it. I love him. I really do. He’s wonderful, maybe the smartest, funniest, sexiest person I have ever met (and I’ve met a few). I’ve been telling him all this for ages now but I thought it was time I informed you Gentle Reader. I’m in love with Will and it’s the best feeling in the world. Love, love, love, love, love.


Oh, and now every morning I walk past the Abbey Road Studios and over that zebra crossing. Yesterday there were four Japanese boys risking death to take a photo on it. There is graffiti all over the white wall outside the studio as if the Beatles broke up yesterday. I’m going to write down some of the messages and put them on here.

Yeah, yeah, email me

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