Will and I have been playing a game. No not that type of game. Well, yes, um, actually we did play that game too (Lust - 1, Patience - 0). Anyway, I spent all day thinking of witty answers and it left me no time to write a blog entry so I thought I'd just whack the results on here instead. Two birds, baby, two birds!

Will >

"So cut to me. I'm bored. I propose a new game called Top 10... I'm starting with Top 10... Scary Things. You have to do Top 10... Things To Do On A Saturday. And think of the next one for me."

Top 10... Scary Things

1) sea monsters - especially ones that talk
2) second class stamps
3) feathers that smell of blood
4) wide gaps in between stairs
5) uncovering doll parts buried in the garden
6) black cattle with mad eyes
7) false teeth
8) performing midgets
9) roadsweeping machines on a rainy day
10) safety matches

Drew >

Top 10... Things To Do On A Saturday

1) Get up at 6.am and watch Fraggle Rock, wrapped up in your duvet. If that's not on (or you're no longer 7 years old) - sleep in.
2) Wake up, think it's a weekday, and get a lovely warm rush when you realise it's not.
3) Procrastinate.
4) Wank. Twice.
5) Eat toast with someone you really like.
6) Use up all the hot water in the shower.
7) Buy a newspaper and some pasta with pine nuts from Marks & Sparks.
8) Spend the day playing with your new puppy.
9) Meet friends for brunch and decide which character from Sex & the City you each are.
10) Remind yourself what you really want in life.


Get a load of the cuteness of us! If you can feel your breakfast/lunch/dinner coming up from all this excessive saccharinity then I suggest you have a look at grouphug. This is what the Internet was created for.

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