With KILL BILL out today I’ve had a Tarantino flashback about my Mum. She suggested we see “Pulp Fiction” at the Embassy cinema in Wanganui, New Zealand when I was 14 (which was pretty cool because I couldn’t have seen it by myself) and we both cracked up for about 10 minutes in the scene where the guy stabs the injection of adrenalin in Uma’s chest. Basically no one else in the cinema found it funny and that made us laugh even harder.

I returned to my gym last night, the first time since I left for Ibiza in May, after forking out a £15 “reconnection fee” and reacquainting myself with the “equipment”. It felt very take charge. I thought I was going easy on myself but my body feels mangled today. And the irony is that I’ve just this minute been given a free membership to the local Holmes gym from my work. Maybe Lady Money Luck, she is a changin’?

Had a conversation with my flatmate Andrew last night after watching Stephen Fry’s new BBC game show "QI" that it would be "cool" to "know him" and just drop by and eat stuff out of his fridge. I'm sure he wouldn't mind and would say in a distracted but kindly way "No go on, help yourself" and then quote Eleanor Roosevelt or something.

I’m seeing Finding Nemo tonight with Will. I mean he quotes James Joyce ("When I makes tea, I makes tea. And when I makes water I makes water"). Swoon.

And it’s decided. No more Nova. It was fun but I don’t want to have to start up that engine again. The truth is it wasn’t as successful as I’d hoped. I’m glad I tried it but I’m also not going to flog a dead horse (oh the imagery!). Plus I have other projects…


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