I had to run into the box room last night as Len (who I'm staying with until I find a new place) had just brought his date home. I felt like his frumpy (but still giggly) older sister.

The Interview
I arrived and for some reason felt I shouldn't sit. So instead I stood near the display of brochures, just standing, flipping through one of their client’s magazines, trying not to gawp at the open plan office that screamed "CUTTING EDGE MEDIA COMPANY!" I mean, I went to Drama School. I write plays. I chose a life of an artist over financial security but at that moment, Gentle Reader, I would have given it all up for an ergonomic mouse and a swivel chair to call my own.

I was greeted by Sophie who turned out to be a tall striking woman barely out of her twenties, with unfussy brown hair tied back in a pony tail and cheeks so ruddy they looked bruised. I liked her instantly. I was also introduced to Gillian, the current Web Editor, shorter and with a slight Germanic accent; she looked bookish and very good at her job.

They took me into “Generic Meeting Room 3” and we began the ritual. They asked me about the web sites and I think I scored points by using the phrase “sense of community”. They didn’t seem too concerned with all my online marketing malarky so I kept it short. Basically the job boils down to maintaining an international site about ATM’s, a supermarket and a financial company. I’d be responsible for commissioning other writers and would have a quota of articles to complete myself.

My only faux pas happened when they brought up money. I dithered and then blurted out a figure that I felt was reasonable. Sophie giggled. “You must be paid a pittance in your current job.”

I am Sophie, I am. I wanted her to give me a hug and tell me it would be all Okay.

I have a habit of counting my mung beans before they sprout, but here’s what I consider the positive evidence;
1. Body language. I was watching a documentary a few weeks ago that explained that if people liked you they copied your body language. I had my hands held together on the table in front of me. As the interview progressed so did Sophie & Gillian.
2. They asked me to send in some more writing. I also know (through Mike who’s doing some temping there and told me about the job in the first place) that they didn’t really like the first people interviewed and they only had one to go after me.
3. When I emailed the writing they asked for I received this –

Hi Andrew
Thanks for this, I will give you a call on Monday.
Have a good weekend

Goodbye Hendon Ghetto, hello Regent Street!

The Boyfriend
Afterwards I met Will at the Sanctuary in Soho for a cheeky pint and to have our first falling out. Okay, so maybe I was a bit sensitive. I was telling Will about Kate and how I missed her and he sniggered. Most of the time I don’t take myself too seriously but it was the wrong snigger at the wrong time. I’m a bit of a fight or flight kind of guy so I did my whole “I think I have to go” routine and Will looked puzzled, then annoyed, then sulky, all in roughly 2.6 seconds. He demanded to know what he’d done and I realized that I really had to sort out my kvetch with my friends because it had started to leak into my shiny new relationship. So we made up and promised to fight lots but not run away (me) and not to sulk for too long (him).

The Friends
I have friends again, well most of them. Jo called and told me that Kate’s boyfriend’s Dad had died and they were away at the funeral (which explained her not returning my calls). Note to self - the world does not always revolve around drew. Later Olly called and I apologized for missing his birthday. Without the desire to self flagellate, I think you could accurately describe me as being a tad selfish of late.

The Blog
As a bit of a side project I’ve started some online marketing for this here blog. I have become a member of the vegetarian webring (thanks guys, let’s never eat meat again!) and have listed myself on a few directories. But it has been the names of other blogs that have interested me most;

Blah Blah, Black Sheep
Rockabilly Librarian Retro Blog
A Woman Who Loves Insects
Arab, Latino & American. Confused? Me too.
Dust From My Brain
Kill Your Boyfriend
You’ll Dance To Anything
Lacking in Emotional Content
Notes on Things That Interest Me
Self-Inflicted Yuppie Flu
(Which turned out to be a porn site)
Smart & Miserable
Not you, the other one
Diary of a Mad Handyma’am
There Are No More Tickets To The Funeral

And finally,

Up our asses with the rest of our jewelry

Ladies & Gentleman, the World Wide Web…

Yeah, yeah, email me

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