Oh dear Wachowski brothers. How did it all go so wrong? Granted, I haven’t seen the new film yet but it’s been slated by the press ("The Matrix Revolutions sucks" -- Peter Travers, ROLLING STONE). Andy has probably smashed another chair against one of the columns that surrounds his Grecian style pool, while Larrie (the quieter of the two) has locked himself in the Viewing Room and is watching Soylent Green on repeat.

Last night went off without a bang. You see, we missed the fireworks because we were stuck in the Tube and when Will & I surfaced we discovered that Olly had got the time wrong. The bonfire night display at Clapham Common finished at 8. Will needed food (he’s fallen out with his flatmates and is avoiding eating so he doesn’t have to talk to them in the kitchen), I needed to pee and the Scoobies needed to be met. Will got a little “you go meet your friends and I’ll find something to eat” stroppy but I wasn’t having it. I frog marched him to a Sainsbury’s where we bought filled sandwiches and then together we walked to meet Olly, Kate et al at a bar.

Highs/lows included –
Lesley wearing her “Hello Kitty” hat, me wondering if Gavin had heard that I recently described him as "like a smack addict gone cold turkey”, Kate being described in QX magazine as “fierce”, Tom describing his Dad’s funeral and getting defensive when I mentioned that Kate & I should go for a meal soon, Olly sizing up Will, Will nervously meeting everyone.

So that wasn’t so hard was it?

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