The only thing worse than being talked about…
Andrew Kinlochan is the gay member (tee hee) of the new Brit Boy Band Phixx. If you don’t know him you can go to his website… well actually you can’t. I just checked it out and found this;

The Andrew Kinlochan Fan Site

Last Updated: 28/10/03

Welcome to the first ever Andrew Kinlochan fan site!

Hi! Sorry everyone, but this website is never actually going to happen properly. I don't have the time, I'm sorry to say. However, for anyone who has come across this site and doesn't already know, Andrew is now a member of the boyband Phixx, with the other 4 runners up from Popstars. So check them out!
Bye for now!
Fiona xxx

Alas gentle reader, we will never get the promised “discography” about young Andrew. No, dang it all, we can’t let this happen! If not enough drew in the world was created for anything it was, well, to talk about me mostly - but I can multitask! Perhaps, Perhaps…

Ladies & Gentleman, I have just consulted our lawyers and I have an announcement to make!

As the former website seems to have folded I would like to Phixx the problem (see what I did there?) & offer a new home for Andrew Kinlochan and his fans everywhere! Yes, you are now at the OFFICIAL ANDREW KINLOCHAN FAN SITE (Or "not enough Andrew in the world.") Hooray!!!

The big guy himself!

I will have news, reviews & updates on how Andrew is coping with the other members of the band (four straight boys) when they keep taking their shirts off and asking for shoulder rubs; exclusive pics and hopefully an exclusive interview with ANDREW KINLOCHAN HIMSELF!

This is going to be great.

OK, OK, so no news at the moment except that Phixx’s single “Hold On Me” is now number 24 (dropping 10 places). You heard it here first! Go Andrew!

Yeah, yeah, email me

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