There’s been pandemonium in the office the past few days apparently. Google has changed its algorithms (the things that decide what gets ranked no 1 on searches) and so it affects everything we know about online marketing, blah blah blah. I must have been listening to Woman’s Hour with my head phones when they made the announcement.

I’m going to the Marilyn Manson concert tonight and I’m very nervous about it. I’m not really a fan and I’m afraid that they’ll know and get me on stage and get me naked or something. Will & I want to do something edgy now and then to stop us becoming a complacent couple. I remember when being edgy meant buying a cup of tea instead of coffee at Starbucks.

"A Marilyn Manson performance in Kansas City, Missouri, on Thursday night ended in chaos when the crowd rioted following the show's abrupt cancellation due to safety concerns."

Good grief.

p.s. I've added a button so you can add comments on the right. Just click on the "Visit my Forum" button and you can wax lyrical. Go on, wax lyrical dammit.

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