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The only downside about having a rich and fast paced life is that it’s hell to write about in a linear & comprehensive manner. Thank Krishna for lists…

1. Didn’t get the job. Sophie called and let me down gently but I still wanted to scratch out her eyes.
2. Will emailed with the news that he was not moving into the flat in Tottenham Court Road as they were now selling the house.
3. Friday night I took Will to the Tate Modern to watch the sunset. Had a magical time as only two people in love can - sitting underneath a huge art installation eating jelly babies.
4. We discussed our living arrangements. We were both looking for rooms in North London. We wanted to live close to each other. We were both running out of time. So we decided to move in together. It’s a cold calculated move born out of necessity and fuelled by love actually and it makes me happy every time I think about it.
5. Saturday morning we went to Angel and found a one bedroom flat. My mother will love it. The walls are terracotta and there are tiles in the kitchen with geese on them. There was a glazed look in our eyes as we imagined our new love nest brimming with books, half finished manuscripts and acceptance letters from publishers. If our luck continues we’ll move in this Friday. Halle-friggin-lujah!

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