Ever wondered why I have “roller skater” in my character breakdown in the top right hand corner of this here blog? Well wonder no more…

This Summer I spent up to 6 hours a day in roller boots while promoting the London club ‘Carwash’ at Eden in Ibiza. It gave me strange inner thigh muscles and the nickname roller boy (or “that guy in them skates”). Here are the photos to prove it.

LJ, Kate, Karen & I. And yes, it's supposed to kitsch & camp, OK?

What you can't see in this picture is that we are actually standing on a platform a few inches away from a sheer drop onto rocks & sea. And we're on wheels. So that's why I'm not smiling.

These were taken towards the end of our 3 month stint on the Devil’s Island. Things weren’t going so well. San Antonio was quieter than everyone had expected (Faliraki in Rhodes being the “it” place for drunken UK louts instead this summer) and everyone was feeling the pinch. With too many clubs and not enough punters we had an uphill battle to fill a 3000+ capacity venue, especially when we were the new kids on the block. I have to say we made a valiant effort - after each set back we picked ourselves up, brushed the dirt of our knees and skated on. As you can imagine the sight of a lanky young man gliding towards you in tiny white 70’s shorts, a hand full of flyers and little else was quite something. Ah, memories.

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