I’m getting more and more involved in blogs. I read four everyday religiously and spend about half an hour searching for new blogs to add to my batch. And sometimes I find that they are, quite literally, talking to me…

“But in terms of my name, it has been a real pain being a 'Drew' in Europe these last few years, ever since Drew Barrymore flashed on the scene.

Isn't that a female name?!?

This whole name thing was spurred by another guy named Drew, who I randomly discovered on the left side of blogger.

Other than being a Virgo, we may not have much in common, as I usually don't allow anyone to shave the hair on my chest.”
– Drew, Continental Drift

He should try it. Removing body hair can be quite liberating but I’d suggest doing it in the warmer months. (NB never re-trimmed my chest but it’s grown a bit now and is not as noticeable)

Belle is a call girl and a writer and avoids the entire hooker with a heart shtick by being brutal and funny with her life. Oh, and poignant, did I mention poignant?

“At university, I studied a wholly academic humanities subject useless to the world at large. Given the choice of prostitution, temping or copywriting - the occupations in London which seem to be constantly hiring - I opted for this. Eventually.” - Belle de Jour

A couple of times this year I contemplated (in a purely theoretical sense Ma) becoming a high class male escort – the type, I imagined, that would accompany lonely, wealthy and closeted business men on dinner dates, to laugh at their jokes and make them feel young again. When the Pretty Woman haze lifted I realised that you actually have to put out and it was back to copywriting I go.

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