I'm in an Easy Everything Internet Cafe and the keyboard is greasy so I'll be brief. Christmas was lovely - successfully charmed the family using my waif/stray card so even the huge pink slabs of quorn Turkey couldn't damper my mood.

Tried ringing the whanua in NZ a kazillion times but some snotty sounding lady kept telling me that the numbers weren't in use anymore. Hope this doesn't mean my sisters are on the run from the law again.

Managed to get through to my Dad in Ireland who was thrilled to hear from me (as I hadn't forwarded my new address to him) and with the pangs of guilt repressed briefly I went downstairs and ate some more chocolate.

After a good three days of vegetating, Will and I were ready to get back to London. On Saturday we went to Olly and Lornas for dinner. At some point before we arrived they must have realised that there wasn't as much food leftover as they'd hoped. So instead of buying more they just tactifully ignored the problem and we all got very drunk instead. Not that I needed the meal. Let's just say that if I was in a plane crash in the Andes the survivors would have Drew drumsticks to spare, and then some.

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