Last night was my first gig for my new modeling agency. 5 boys and about 50 uniformly thin blonde girls had the massive task of greeting guests to the ritzy Dolce Vita Charity Ball in a huge Marquee in Moorgate. It was the easiest money I’ve ever made. The other guys were surprisingly all straight but came prepared with lip balms. We had fun working together - helping people past the 15 or so paparazzi that were there to shoot the few (very) minor celebs and get some pics of Liberty X & Blue, both groups performing later that night (I discovered that the photographers often aren’t sure themselves if the person stepping out of the cab is famous but if one person snaps they all do. And they make mistakes. There were quite a few bewildered guests who were given a full dose of celeb treatment because one of the photographers was a bit trigger happy and set everyone else off).

After dinner (Gordon Ramsey did the catering but we were only given sandwiches. Cheek) we helped out with the charity auction, waving down the auctioneer when someone wanted to make a bid (up to £25,000! these people were loaded with a capital LOAD!) and drinking champagne. That was it. We were finished at 10.30pm (started at 8) and got about 100 quid and a free bar all night. Needless to say we took full advantage. There’s nothing more rowdy than a lot of really drunk pretty people. The girls were fun, all extremely smart and slightly ruthless. As for Liberty X, they went through the motions but it was Blue that knew how to work a room. They definitely have some of that old fashioned charisma – and from all the hip thrusting could probably impregnate a girl at thirty paces. Randy!

Suddenly Drew's day job didn't seem so fulfilling.

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