Received an email a while ago from my ex-flatmate Toby who travelled down the African continent before heading home to New Zealand. In it he mentioned he was a little under the weather. Then yesterday, this -

"That not so good I was feeling did turn out to be malaria. Got out of hospital just before Christmas Eve. Have been taking lots of drugs since and feel much better now.”

That’s the spirit Toby!

I’m reading The Orton Diaries and Troublesome Words by Bill Bryson. I should be reading about the Detox that Will and I are starting in a few days but I keep misplacing the book (the detox is his idea btw. Cold showers and no pasta. Hooray.)

This is my last post for 2003. I summed up the year on mayfly like this.

After much trial & error I realised that to attempt perfection is the the paragon of conceit.

What are my New Years Resolutions? To use my digital camera more. As Joe Orton remarked about a polaroid camera "No negatives. Most useful for taking pornagraphic pictures, I'd say."

See you through the Looking Glass...

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