Friday night and Tom calls me with the news that Kate is playing at the Shadow Lounge. As well as the gig tonight Kate’s the new substitute DJ and might even get a regular spot herself on Thursdays. The Shadow Lounge is a preferred Scooby hangout due to the fact that our Sam works there and lets us jump the queue. It’s a little pretentious as a punter but an ideal venue for an up and coming DJ. Perfect even. When Kate rang later we were so excited that we just gushed for five minutes. I told her I might drop in later to hear her play, but even before I put the phone down I felt the end of week stupor begin.

Over the weekend I finished 25 pages of Play. Will was writing his too. With a few more monkeys and typewriters who knows what we could create?

DREW: (calling from the living room). How many pages have you done?

WILL: (calling from the bedroom). Thirty five.


DREW: How many words?

WILL: Seven thousand.

DREW: Oh. I’ve almost finished six thousand.


DREW: What font are you using?

WILL: Shut up.

Last night, as a reward, we had a few friends over for tea. Will’s mate Ste came, as did Scooby girls Trinity and Charlie. I cooked a huge curry and we ate Chinese Hot and Sour Mushroom Soup for starters (to celebrate Chinese New Year and because it looked much more fun than Cream of Asparagus). Ste has this whole cheeky chappy Northern thing going on and as he’d just met Trin and Charlie he attempted to shock them both with gay gross out stories. So with a certain amount of pride I watched as the girls deflected each one of his inappropriate anecdotes without even a flicker of annoyance in their dark and long lashed eyes.

And finally, my sister Amber has decided to come over and spend a few weeks with her favourite brother in London. There Am, I’ve written it in my blog. Now you have to come. x

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