Part Two

Inside the club I was welcomed by the entertainment (i.e. Drama School students in elaborate costumes trying too hard) and we made our way into the main room after first checking in our coats (a military operation with bossy bouncers & queue jumpers). There were three rooms, all about the same size, and what seemed like miles and miles of corridor/stairs.

“I went upstairs and found myself outside” complained a girl walking past me with feathers in her mask.

At the countdown I clutched at anyone I vaguely recognised. Luckily it turned out to be Will, Olly and Lorna. Dancing was interrupted while we leaned over other people to say “Happy New Year” before the magic ended.

Um, and then we danced lots. That’s it really. Oh, except this, this became my next day story -

I was walking down to the main room with Will and I noticed a very handsome blonde girl. She clocked me and as I continued towards the door she walked very quickly round the bar so as to intercept. We were looking directly at each other. She didn’t seem to notice Will. Putting her hands on my arms & keeping eye-contact all the time, she moved in for the kiss. It was like a film. I remember being very aware of myself in the room, the music slowing and how romantic it all was but for one important factor…

“I’m gay”

She stopped and looked at me again.

“Brilliant.” She muttered, before turning and walking off past the bar.

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