Things I thought would be better in 2004 but have so far been a bit of a let down.

Celebrated my 30 inch waist a bit too soon. After Xmas my new FCUK jeans are now a little figure hugging. On the news last night there was a story about the declining sperm count in the UK and although I’m not Mr Reproduction I’d still like to think that I’m not lowering my chances of fantasy offspring by wearing trousers so tight you can differentiate the coins in my back pocket. Oh, and my other pair of roomy jeans, well Will got red paint on them. And then tried to get it off with turps. Now they reek. So today I decided to forsake all denim and wear instead pinstripe trousers with a white belt. I’ve got a little Bugsy Malone thang going on.

Christmas Specials? Still? Oh, and no more Buffy. Ever.

Get up & Go
Just so much easier playing computer games and procrastinating.

I had a great idea for a play which I’ve been working on over the past few days but I’ve hit a brick wall. This little voice keeps saying “yes, but do people really do things like that?” and I’m not sure if I can justify the scenario. I know I have to overcome my monkey mind but if I can’t believe in the situation how could an audience? Le sigh.

I got so good but now I’ve regressed a few levels. Still, at least I’m better than the housewives who do breast stroke and never get their hair wet.

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