The Week that Was

I joined the local video store last night and couldn’t decide between Pirates of the Caribbean or X Men 2. I flipped a coin - heads - X Men. Will hadn’t seen the first one but I assured him that he hadn’t missed much (it was more like a preview than a fleshed out feature film) and that I’d explain along the way. Really enjoyed the film. Halle Berry (Storm) had a much bigger part probably due to her Oscar win. According to Empire Magazine this made her a tad difficult to work with (she signed the X2 contract before getting the award so it didn’t increase her pay check). I can imagine her being a bit of a pre-madonna…

They’re shooting a tricky scene and director (Bryan Singer) stops everyone to give Ms Berry a note.

“You want me to do what? Well I was doing it! Don’t tell me what to do! If you don’t like my acting you better tell it to the Academy. I mean, anyone else here win an Oscar? I didn’t think so!”

No one speaks.

Patrick Stewart nudges Anna Paquin but she keeps resolutely silent.

“Actually, I think Anna here won one, didn’t you? How old were you, Anna, when you received your Oscar? Eleven? My, what a young age to be bestowed such a great honour!”

Halle glares.

“Well I received mine for black women everywhere!” And with that she throws her wig on the floor and marches off to ring her agent for the fifth time that day.

Think Will enjoyed the film too because when he made a cup of tea I caught him pretending to be Lady Deathstrike in the kitchen.

not enough Hugh in the world. Yeah, I know, that joke's wearing pretty thin.

No news about pay rise yet but I have a job interview next Wednesday for a Publishing House in Mornington Crescent.

Most interesting thing I learnt reading Troublesome Words: A semi colon is harder than a comma but softer that a full stop (period).

Graffitti noticed on walk to gym –
“David Blaine woz here for 44 days.”

Tomorrow night we’re going out with Joe and friends on the razzle in Angel. Love saying razzle. Razzle, razzle, razzle. In case you hadn’t noticed the Detox didn’t even last the week…

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