With a job interview tomorrow I go through my usual ritual…
Should I get a hair cut? Not just one, maybe quite a few. Long flowing locks are acceptable on boys only when they’re advertising something; long hair in the real world is scorned upon. Ah, yes, but surely you’re selling yourself, young Drew? Touché. I’ll keep the hair then. Besides, it’s always good to have something to blame if I don’t get the job.
Do I know how to get there? I will read the instructions at least 14 times, plot my journey on a map and leave in plenty of time and yet still get stranded on a train with no wheels somewhere near Swindon.
Do I really want the job? No. But it’s more money and will help fund my hopes and dreams. If they’re not quashed by the new job that is.

And at least I’m not a Russian Mail-Order Bride

“One of the first things you will want to do when you start a correspondence with a new lady is to send her a symbol of your interest and affection. We suggest you use the unique anti-scam flower delivery service offered by Flower and Gift International before sending her any other flowers. Their innovative “FOTOFlower” ID Verification is only $49 if the flower is delivered and a photo taken. This is an independent and discrete verification through a face-to-face meeting with a visual check of her Internal Passport. She will receive a delivery of a single rose and greeting card with a translated personal message from you. You will receive a return photo of your lady with her flower and a translated note from her by Email. You will know for certain if your new lady is for real once you confirm the FotoFlower picture with the pictures she has already sent to you.”

Yeah, yeah, email me

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