My swimming shorts have finally died. I bought them before heading off to Ibiza. They were a deep sea blue. After weeks of heavily chlorinated water they’ve quickly faded to a strange rust colour and become slightly transparent. Then on Monday I realised the “protective mesh lining” had given up completely. For the best part of a week it must have looked like I was swimming in some strategically placed kelp.
So goodbye shorts, hello speedos. I’m not a speedos guy. I’m not. As a kid it was the uncoolest item of clothing you could possibly wear. You might as well have put on garters and a fancy cap and be done with it. But I bought the speedos as my Ibiza back up (I once, drunkenly, wore them with my roller skates, but that’s another story) and common sense dictates I should wear them out before buying anything new.
The first thing that hits you is how naked you are. Like really, really. And the next, after you’ve awkwardly manoeuvred into the pool, is how much faster you can go. Like, whoosh. Now all I need are gills.

oil on windowpane, 27" x 28"
Kristen Thiele

I’ve been feeling a bit poorly for the past week – an annoying cough and a twisted stomach – so I haven’t been writing much of the play. But a little time away might have been a good thing as I think I’ve come up with the ending and now I can’t wait to get the bugger down.

Received an email from my Mother today. “I am reading a book that I really want you to read - please go out and buy it right now - 'Mind Power - In the 21st Century ' by John Kehoe.
This is a very powerful read and, I promise, will change your life.”
And I bought it this morning, like a good son should.

And lastly - “I had always pictured you and Belle as dancing buddies, joining your group from time to time as you got down in some obscure but tres groovy London club. Do you mean you haven't even met the woman let alone clinked daiquiri glasses with her?”
I know, Alice. Life, she is a mystery.

Oh, just come back from a meeting and I have to go see a client on Friday. I’m going to wear a neck tie and use my posh voice.

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