Two more jobs that I’d forgotten about (or perhaps, more accurately, suppressed) -

1. Macarena Boy
Back in the crazy hazy days of 1996 I led the “largest Macarena in the Southern Hemisphere” at a shopping mall in my New Zealand hometown. It was a stunt for the local Radio Station but the shoppers didn’t really get into it as much as we’d hoped until we dazzled them with Macarena: double speed. My payment? The brand new Oasis Album on cassette. I remember being quite chuffed at the time.

2. Lt. Worf from Star Trek NG
As part of the professional improvisation team On the Spot, I travelled around New Zealand to provide entertainment at a doctors' conference. For some bizarre reason it was decided we would base the games around a Star Trek theme so when I arrived for my fitting I was cheerfully informed that I was to play the Klingon. I was handed a horrendous “wig ‘n crab” combo, brown body paint, a lycra jumpsuit and Worf’s “authentic” silver shawl thingumy. I looked like Miss World Pre-Op with a skin condition. My horror was only momentarily quashed when I discovered I could do quite a good Klingon-like-voice actually. But that moment was short lived as I was then told that the conference was for a baby-milk powder company, and so I was forced to throw my ethics out the window along with my dignity.
Each night, after the performance, Doctor Beverly Crusher and I would sit in the Hotel Room, take off my body paint, and laugh / sob our way through six or so rum and cokes.

And as a strange coincidence I just found this. Have a lovely weekend.

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