With the Power of my Mind.

I was sitting on the Tube last night on the way to Clapham Common for Trinity’s birthday and I thought I’d use the time to repeat my mantra. You see, I’ve started reading the book my Mother suggested, Mind Power into the 21st Century, to harness my subconscious, create affirmations, and manifest my desires - that sorta thing. To begin with I get comfortably wedged in the seat and then start repeating “every day, in everyway, it’s getting better and better” (Well, if it’s good enough for John Lennon, it’s good enough for me) in my mind. A couple of stops later and my mantra becomes more of a little ditty.
At Bank Station loads of people want to get on. Everyone is hesitant to stand in the aisle between the seated people but a few do, and one of them is a very attractive young man (very English cute; cords, tweed blazer, curly hair, pale) who just happens to stand directly in front of me. Because I’m at crotch level I can’t but help, well, look at his crotch and the slither of stomach that he exposes each time the tube moves. And he was reading Vanity Fair (my favourite American mag alongside Interview) so I was also able to check out Hollywood’s leading ladies on the cover! So this mantra thing works. Thanks Universe!

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