"Hindsight is always 20/20"
Billy Wilder

In future, try not to live in the same postcode as your neurotic landlord, let alone the same building.
Never rely on friends, especially if they’re called Joe and have had a few drinks.
If your Man and Van cancels on a Saturday not even sobbing on the phone can procure another one for Sunday.
To get cardboard boxes in London you have to go to a supermarket where they cheerily tell you to come back at 6am and collect them.
Car hire telephonists change their tone considerably when they discover you are not a businessman wanting to hire an E-class Mercedes and especially after you use the phrase “move my shit out.”
You will mutter to yourself approx 6 times under your breath “It would be friggin’ easier to move back to friggin’ New Zealand…”
Oliver is a wonderful human being and will come through, just in the nick of time, with plans C and D respectively.
You will be forced to throw out quite a lot of your books.
But not your “precious” back copies of the Face.

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