I’ve just hired a “Man in a Van” to take my stuff to Olly and Lorna’s house tomorrow. I haven’t found a place I really like yet and they’re very kindly letting me stash my things for two weeks, while I roam, nomadic-like between friends’ houses, smoking my signature pipe and telling stories of the old days. I’ve already sent a group text which starts “You know how I helped you with ----- that time…” so I might even get a few extra hands to help the Van Man & I move the boxes of second hand books that I flatly refuse to throw out. My friends will not only lift things and raise morale, but will also take it in turns to stand on the carpet cigarette burn every time the mad landlord fraggle makes an unwelcome appearance.
I haven’t found a person to take my flat yet, which is disappointing, but not the end of the world. I’m just happy to be moving on and up (well, South) towards the impending spring, and a hot, electric summer.

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