No drunk hookers this weekend - in fact, very tame.

Friday night I kicked back with an annoying cough and runny nose to watch the comedy line up of Friends, Will & Grace and Sex & the City. It may have been the head cold talking but I wanted to hit Carrie across her knuckles every time she whined “but I’ve made my decision to go to Paris - you’re my friends - why can’t you just be happy for meeee?” Shut up Carrie. Thwack!

The next morning Susan came over at 11am and we started looked for a flat together. Susan has just arrived in London from Australia. She’s a musician/composer and listen to any of her work and you understand instantly why the Australian Government has been throwing grants at her for years. I like being around people who get things done so I suggested we live together and try and find two rooms in a flatshare. So Saturday we searched online and managed to see one place (too “studenty”) and arrange a visit for tonight.

Oh, and I got a hair cut finally. Olly likened me to Julia Robert’s Tinkerbelle in Hook – only less butch - but it also makes me look boyish or sophisticated depending on who you happen to talk to.

Speaking of Olly, that’s whose house we ended up at on Saturday night. Lorna wasn’t feeling great either so the two of us coughed in mutual sympathy while Susan and Olly drank wine. We watched a terrible film called Night Stalker and I decided to stay the night on the couch so everyone could complain about my snoring the next morning (blocked sinuses people!)

Sunday I mooched around their house, drinking cups of tea and watching cable television. Sam had worked the previous night at Shadow Lounge and did his best to convince me to go to Salvation at 5pm. But work today would have been horrid. However, I did accompany him to the stand up sun bed and had a 6 minute session. They played music so you could dance while you tanned. I’m actually a little browner today.

Left the Scoobies just after 4pm to show someone my flat, but they didn’t seem keen. After dinner I had a bath and watched Morvern Caller - a moody, beautifully acted film (Samantha Morton has this wonderful way of getting completely lost in a character) which gave me that strange sensation of feeling not happy / not sad, just a little emotionally mute.


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