Get up at 4.30am, shower, brush teeth, do “model hair”, put on suit, leave house, catch tube (Victoria Line not working), arrive at Euston, buy tickets, wait for Kelly, miss train, buy coffee, find Kelly, catch later train, make introductions, eat sandwiches, arrive in Milton Keynes, exit train, get taxi, arrive at conference, meet co-ordinator, nod lots and make “yes” noises, welcome people arriving, finished in an hour, wait two more hours, order a cab, leave at 11.15am, arrive at station, get on train, have another sandwich, arrive at Euston, take tube to Stockwell (Victoria Line working), ring Joe for his arrival time, arrive at house, take off suit, hang it up, eat fried egg on toast, answer door 1.15pm, greet man in van (45 minutes early), put on trousers, run around flat madly, put on shoes, help move boxes into van, leave key, ring Joe to meet in Balham now, sit in traffic, arrive in Brixton, hug Andrew, ask how New Zealand was, pick up Susan’s stuff, drive to Balham, open front door, meet Joe, get money out, help unpack van, pay van man, start unpacking, put up beds, talk to landlord (no hot water), go to pub with Joe 4pm, get a beer, and some nachos, welcome Andrew, get another beer, welcome Susan, get another beer, and another, stagger home, lay in room, meet new flatmates, make up bed, kiss Susan goodnight, watch “Identity”, get a bit spooked, brush teeth, 10.15pm: go to sleep.


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