Drew goes offline.

It’s been great, really wonderful writing this blog but after six months I feel I’ve achieved all I can in the medium. Just kidding! There’s no way I’ll stop writing this, silly. No, I love being a blogger. Love. Love. Hugs and puppies. If anything writing daily like this has made me itch for other mediums. The play is coming along in stops and starts, but I’ve also been working on a new project. A fanzine.

Fanzine (noun) An amateur-produced magazine written for a subculture of enthusiasts devoted to a particular interest.

I guess being gay is a particular interest…

I get a bit bored of the magazines over here. Don’t get me wrong, they’re some of the best in the world, but the UK gay press doesn’t stray far from the “naked man on cover, lots of sexy eye candy with clothes off inside” blueprint that’s made them popular. So I thought, “what if there was a free ‘fanzine’ that talked about the culture in a little less topless manner?” Maybe a wee bit whacky? I would write it and illustrate it. And I justified its creation as no more egotistic than, say, starting a blog.

So here it is, The Gaze.

The Cover. A drawing from a photo I liked in a magazine. No real deep meaning behind it although a few people have pointed out the whole 'oral fixation' sucking of thumb notion, which in hindsight, is very appropriate. Am really happy with the look of the black ink hair. Less so with the ear; it looks slightly deformed. Poor cauliflower-ear-man. No-wonder he's sucking his thumb.

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