I’m spending the weekend in Cambridge. Trinity and Charlie are driving (up? down?) tomorrow lunchtime to stay at Lucy’s house for the night. Lucy has returned to Cambridge a few months ago after she maxed out her credit cards and lives with her folks until she can raise some capital to move back to the Capital.

I’m really looking forward to the excursion. I love road trips; stopping at petrol stations for crisps, indiscriminately smiling at people as they overtake you, being reminded that the colour “green” does exist and it’s just outside the M25.

This will be my first time in Cambridge. Apart from knowing about the University and the dictionary I’m pretty ignorant about the place. Trin, Charlie and Lucy all turned out 'alright' so it can’t be too bad.

Kate is going up on to join us on Sunday as she’s DJing in Clapham Junction on Saturday night. Joe and Sam are working & Olly is going to a stag ‘do’ which means it’s going to be just me and a whole lotta girls. I might pretend that I’m a leader of a polygamous cult and imply that I married each girl on their 14th birthday.

“Well, of course there are jealousies, but you just have to be firm and explain that there’s only room for four in a bed at any given moment…”

Wonder if I can grow a long white beard by tomorrow?

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