I’ve really got to get this whole multiple personality wardrobe thing sorted out. Today I look like an Italian gigolo with hair slicked back, chinos (again) and a floral shirt. A person wearing a shirt this floral is either gay or very comfortable with his masculinity; hence the Italian reference. And when I went to the gym at lunchtime I realised I’d packed my “skater kit” i.e. baggy shorts, red t-shirt with, um, one of those Mexican wrestlers with the hood things, well, skate boarding - and a cap, don’t forget the cap.

To make matters worse I’m doing a gig for my agency over the weekend where I have to be Brazilian. Selfridges (the swanky department store on Oxford Street) are having a Brazil promotion apparently. I still haven’t been told what I’m doing so I’ve taken the precaution of learning some Portuguese. Just in case.

Hey o menino cute, quer fazer o amor no quarto em mudança?
(Hey cute boy, want to make love in the changing rooms?)

Enjoy the weekend. I hope I will ;)

p.s. The agency have just called to say the gigs off, dammitt. Oh well, might still go to Selfridges and try and use that pick-up line anyway...

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