You probably heard about it from a friend of a friend, or in one of those infrequent emails that your cousin sends you from her teacher exchange job in Peru. Let’s just put all those rumours to rest right now. Yes, I was on roller skates last Saturday. That was me. Snap. A Roller Disco in fact.
Kate was DJing and each time I rolled past her she gave me a wink.
I was unsocial. No time to talk when I’m on wheels. Sure, I can’t do all the tricky turns like some, but I can weave and crossover with the best of them. And I can go fast. I grab Olly’s arse and almost make him fall over. I tell him it’s perfectly reasonable to bump into the slower cuter boys. I’m too fast for a law suit anyway.
Lorna whizzes past. She kicks her leg over the other to turn, her hands relaxed beside her. We skim past Joe who’s given up and is drinking a beer with Trin and Lucy on the seats. Kate plays The Boss and the more upright skaters wave their hands at the chorus. A lovely looking boy watches me from the sideline. I check to make sure it happens again. It does.
“Just because you fell for me, why should I feel uptight?” sings Diana, as I narrowly miss a collision. Both skaters collapse on the floor before giving themselves to the laughter, throwing their heads back and collapsing back in helpless tears even as their friends stop to help pull them up.


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