After half a bottle of wine, Susan complained that she never has the energy to go out so I made her get ready with me; I even shouted affirmations through the bathroom door while she showered. She didn't half kick and scream though. Once in the West End, we met Ricky and half-watched the ultimate Friends episode before moving to The Shadow Lounge. Susan, despite her initial reservations, danced up a storm.

Avec hangover, Susan and I distributed The Gaze around Central London. Felt like I was scattering my artistic seed. Susan suggested we hide to see if anyone picked up a copy. At 5pm I met Lizzie and we went to see the band Phoenix play at the Mean Fiddler. Drank beer and fell in lust with the singer’s voice. Afterwards I checked at a bar and found that all The Gaze had gone. Travelled to Clapham Common and had a late beer with the Scoobies, went back to Sam’s house, drank vodka and passed out on the sofa.

Found my way home by 2pm and had to rush to get ready and meet Sam and Katy. We took the Tube to "the Famous Shoe Designer’s" house and bought a bottle of £4 white wine, but after we arrived they popped open a magnum of champagne. As we left the house for the Club, the Designer ran down the street in a one-off leather jacket with long tassels along both arms so that as he hailed the cab, he looked like some crazed man-bat attacking the car.

Spent the day painting and reading. In the evening I met Kate and Tom at Ladz where I showed Tom his interview and Kate recounted the Homeland's Music Festival; paddocks peppered with lost, wide-eyed teenagers high on magic mushrooms.

Received my first feedback. Although he was “impressed” he didn’t think much of my cover art.
“The picture on the front was bad. Marked it out as amateur (which is fine, but...). As ‘A Level Art’ it would have got a C. Or a B-.”
Sheesh, everyone’s a critic.


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