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My Grandmother was evacuated to Bath during the war when she was nought but a wee baby. When my Mother was 10 years old, my Grandmother returned to visit the family who’d looked after her. In that archetypal English way they didn’t seem surprised to see her, even though it had been years since they’d last met. “Come and sit down and let us have a look at you, Peggy” they said, pouring her a cup of tea.

My Mother is a Success Trainer. She runs courses for large New Zealand companies and government sectors to teach them better communication skills and ways to achieve their goals. Yesterday she was asked to work with Helen Clark, the Prime Minister of New Zealand, but my mother couldn’t get out of a prior engagement.

My sister Amber has been diagnosed with an overactive immune system. For years they thought she had endometriosis but it was really her immune system attacking her own body. Apparently my siblings and I all have a variation of it and that’s why I sometimes get psoriasis. My sister now has to take quinine for the rest of her life to control it, like people who contract malaria.


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