Hi Diana,

Just thought I’d take this opportunity to thank you again for being such a wonderful host when I came to stay in Barcelona and also, as I'm the self-proclaimed diarist of the group, I felt I should tell you how everyone else is doing.

Kate has moved in with Tom. Joe is soon to follow. They are all going to take up pottery classes at the local 'Y'. Kate has given up DJing to put all her energy into pottery - she keeps ringing me up asking if I would like an urn. Joe is leaving his old pub and on his final night he got all his old punters to cover him in olive oil and slide him down the bar. Tom is hoping to break the World Peanut Tossing record by Christmas.

Charlotte and Trin have finally come out to everyone and are they cute, or what! They spend a lot of time at markets buying loose flowing clothes and beads to plat into each others hair. Bless those two lesbians!

I get emails every now and then from Karen (hi Karen!) and she tells me that L.A. is still really boring. She’s getting her heavy vehicle license and once she completes it will drive a bus of gay clubbers from one circuit party to the next.

Olly and Lorna got married secretly in Cuba and now have two children – Olly Junior and Olly the 3rd. They are thinking of having another but can’t decide what to call it.

Katy has moved down to London finally and is really enjoying it - even though she got arrested for being drunk and disorderly at work. They found her sitting on the third floor ledge with a bottle of Johnny Walker, singing power ballads.

Lucy is still in Cambridge. It’s her birthday this weekend and we’re going to Fiction. She promises to dance naked with me for at least two songs and if “Dreaming” comes on.

Sam has joined the Kabbalah faith. They got him talking about disco and said if he didn’t join they would kill Donna Summer. He sends us postcards from the commune every few weeks.

I am well too. I’ve secretly started working for MI5 and I’m dating a Brazilian boy called Mauricio which I just realised is “Maurice” in English - this has made him instantly less attractive.

All my love, Drew


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