On Tuesday night, after flying back from Barcelona (cue International Jet Setter Music) I was whisked to a gig with Susan (my roomy) and Andrew (my beloved ex-flatmate) to see Michael Franti and the Spearheads. Until a few years ago I was a gig virgin. Now I can tap my foot and nod to the music with the best of them.

Gigs I have been to:

Marilyn Manson
Diana Krall
The New Zealand Youth Choir

As you can see it’s an eclectic bunch.

Mr Franti is the best I’ve seen so far; 6’6” of pure musical genius. He had us jumping up and down, singing, sloshing beer over each other and clapping till our hands bled. At one point I even found myself in tears but that could be more to do with the fact that a lady wearing heels jumped on my foot.

And preparations are underfoot for a mammoth Pride Weekend here in London - and I’m not just talking about the event organizers. Getting all the Scoobies in one place at one time is a monumental task in itself but it looks like we’re all going to be there, waving little rainbow flags and drinking too much beer. In honour of the day Lizzie has even come up with her own chant - “I'm here! I know some Bummers! Get used to it!” Ladies and Gentlemen, acceptance is a very beautiful thing.


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