People always say You live, you learn, but recently the learning is doing me little good. I don’t want to spend another week on a diatribe about my “relationships” but can I just add this incident before starting my new self-help book entitled Men are from Mars, Jerks are from Uranus.

Friday night I go to a club. Smile at nice looking boy. Meet nice looking boy. Spend evening together. And Saturday. Think how easy it is when you meet someone you really click with. See him again on Sunday. He tells me he has a boyfriend. The end.

This is not the first, or indeed, the third time something like this has happened. What’s all the more frustrating is I asked him outright “Do you have a boyfriend?” because I felt I had learnt from past experiences. Don’t tell me I have to hook ‘em up to a lie detector while they complete their compatibility test from now on.

My friend Christopher has invited me to stay with him in Bath this weekend - a welcome relief. I have decided to leave my libido in London for the whole two days. Only thing is, now I have to find a libido-sitter. I mean, who knows what crazy things it would get up to without any supervision. So if anyone out there wants to take care of my libido this coming weekend, you should know I pay the going hourly rate and don’t mind if you help yourself to snacks from the fridge.

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