You’re going to have to forgive the rambling nature of this post. I was so tired last night that I fell asleep in my dinner at nine o’clock. I woke up four hours later in the pitch dark, with refried beans all through my hair. I guess I really needed to catch up on sleep from the weekend. Now I feel positively perky. Actually, I feel great. I wish I had at least nine hours of sleep each night. On Bizarro World that’s what Werd does. He doesn’t watch late night TV or go out ‘till all hours. Instead he tucks himself into bed at 9 sharp and wakes feeling genuinely rested. Werd’s a hell of a guy. He’s cute as a button too.

I’ve seen two more films since Monday. On Tuesday night I took the Brazilian Boy (BB), who I met at Pride, to see Shrek 2. It wasn’t my first choice of film but I’ve made the mistake of taking dates to art house films before, coming to the conclusion that sobbing quietly into your popcorn is not a great first date look. As the title credits flashed on screen I remembered that I’d been on a date for the first Shrek too and that I’m a date hussy. I even like saying date. Just re-read this last paragraph. It’s all date this and date that.

Anyway. BB got off to a good start by being even more attractive than I remembered (nice hair, good teeth, vanilla-based after shave), he was easy to talk to and had clear life goals. As the lights dimmed in the theatre I asked him why everyone loves Brazil so much. You can’t buy t-shirts with ‘Uganda’ on them can you? "Perhaps it’s because of our vitality?" He suggested. Yes, it very possibly could be - I’m not sure what Shrek 2 is about but it has a really good soundtrack.

Then last night I went to a screening of my friend Alex’s short film with Kate and Sam et al. Alex and Sam used to go out until I put my foot in it and they broke up. I’ve always felt that I was unfairly victimized. I mean, if you’re having relationship issues and someone says in a jokey jokey way “so have you guys broken up yet?” it should be taken with a pinch of salt, right? I mean, no one here heard of sarcasm? Sheesh.

Anyway. Alex looked really smart in a black shirt and gold tie. He’s the sweetest person you will ever meet and thankfully he’s forgiven me enough to smile when I arrived and not throw anything at me or explain to everyone at the screening that I ruined his life. The movie was pretty good – technically he didn’t make many of the first time film errors like crossing the line or trying too many arty shots, and the storyline was clean. It ended kind of abruptly though, and there was an uncomfortable silence during the credits because we missed our opportunity to clap. The credits went on and on, so the audience just sat there reading the credits until they finished and then we clapped. Humans are strange creatures en masse. We have so many quirky rituals.

And girls are funny.

Afrochic -

“Have I mentioned that my mother is losing her fucking mind? She asked me the other day if I was a virgin still. Which really is a stupid question. Does she think 20-year old women with no fear of god and an absentee father complex the size of mars go around just holding hands with incredibly sexy men?”


“I don’t know what to say about Ragdale except to show you the pictures. It was one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen. The house was beautiful and the art was beautiful and then there was all that nature. I mean the nature was pretty blatant. The deer were all like, Prance, prance! Check us out!”

Dooce -

The last picture with Leta on the sauce had me rolling round the floor.


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