Due to technical difficulties, this post didn't go up yesterday...

I’ve had a haircut to spruce myself up before my sis shows up tomorrow. My cranium has not seen the like since the summer of ‘92. Two words: Bowl. Cut.

I also have a sty. It took me a good fifteen minutes to explain to the recently married (and the only) woman in my office, why I needed her wedding band to dab at my eye. Honestly, you’d think by her reaction that I’d asked for the head of her first born child. I did check, but apparently a gold ring works better.

And finally, time to say “goodbye early twenties – hullo mid-to-late twenties”. From midnight tonight I will no longer be a yoof. Expect more posts about mortgages, receding hairlines and the pros & cons of buying a Harley.

P.S. If you’ve sent me an email in the past few days, I’m a bit snowed under at the mo (Am even writing this on the hoof, on the hoof I tells ya) but I will reply soon. Brownie promise.

P.P.S. Woke up this morning with my eye the size of a football. Forget the motorbike - I may need some reconstructive surgery instead. Happy Birthday to me!

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