Awful Hallway Art #2

Ready for the Muster
(Acrylic on Canvas)

Choosing another off the wall subject matter (unless ‘the gecko’ is somehow related to this piece) Johni once again shows his eye for detail by painting his subject matter in silhouette. Silhouette, in case you didn’t know, is artistic shorthand for ‘can’t paint for shit’. It means you don’t have to worry about things like, well, expressions, or the texture of hair, or the effect of the fire light, or the setting sun. You just draw a line and fill it in with black. Isn’t that right, Johni?

Those men have obviously been riding horses A LOT because their backsides have swollen to accommodate weeks on a saddle. They stand in a stiff row, amputated at the knees by the horizon. ‘Better get ready for that muster’ communicates the cowboy on the right. ‘I’ll just get my steed’ says the one in the middle. ‘Winnie’ says the horse. You can almost taste the tension.

In comparison the sky is masterful, although technically it feels a bit bright to warrant the lack of shadows. The trees in the background seem to be burning bright like the fire in the foreground, which has curiously been built in a circle formation. And is that riding crop in the centre of the fire circle? Is that some symbolism I’m not getting? No, I didn’t think so. This is possibly the most boring painting I have ever seen. Ready for the Muster, indeed. If only were ready for the Recycling Bin.

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