• People in West Auckland are called Westy’s and are bogans. People who live in South Auckland are poor. People in Remuera are rich and stuck up. Ponsonby is where all the gays live and where you can get coffee. The people who live in the North Shore are a little crazy.

• If you go into Estasi on Ponsonby Road and mention that you know me, you’ll probably get a free coffee.

• The Sky Tower was built by the Auckland Casino and is hated by most of the natives because it look like a syringe. Over the holiday season they change the lights to make it look more festive. Like a Christmas syringe.

• Go to High Street – there are some great little shops and New Zealand designers. But blink and you’ll miss it.

• Auckland is home to The Kelly Tarlton Aquatic Centre. It has an Antarctic section which makes you feel really cold! There are also some very good golf courses (I’m told). Not in the Aquatic Centre of course. That would be silly.

• There are little or no sheep in Auckland. Just in case you were wondering.

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