Thought it might be fun to look at some good New Zealand blogs while I’m back.

Biz Girl, aka Natalie, is a 26 year old librarian who lives here in Wellington. Her blog recently won the Netguide Award with a style that is not unlike a kiwi Bridget Jones. However, after the award was announced the story broke that Biz Girl was in fact James Guthrie, who is happily married with children and lives South of Auckland. And they say New Zealand blokes don’t understand women...

Also, meet Fi: blogger, jogger, Mum and dedicated drinker of reasonably priced wine. I’m pretty sure she is who she says she is, although technically she might be more of a slow runner than a jogger per se.

And me? I’ve been relocated to the lounge area. It means I have to field questions while my Mother makes cups of tea (Her: ‘Isn’t it a lovely day outside?’ Me, typing and chewing the inside of my cheek: ‘No thanks, I just had one.’) but now there’s more natural light and a bit of a view.
Chris just rang and apologised for being a bit airy fairy with me. I hadn’t even noticed. Bloody actors.

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