Harri woke up tonight at 6pm from his nap, to a slightly more tolerant world. This afternoon the New Zealand Government voted in favour of the Civil Union Bill which, boiled down, means gay unions are now recognised in this country.

There has been very vocal opposition to the bill. We have our own epiglottal churches – or whatever they’re called – and they tried their zealot best to muddy the issue with vitriol. An eleven year old child wrote to Parliament, explaining that we were "violent, haters of God, disobedient, unforgiving, unloving, backbiters and whisperers ... worthy of death," which quite frankly is a beautifully constructed sentence. The sentiment is a bit fucked up, but it has lovely rhythm.

Luckily for Ma, who now wants me married off to a rich Doctor A.S.A.P., the bill became legislation.

"It gives the simplest of things -- the formal recognition and respect by our laws for the individual choices of New Zealanders," said David Benson-Pope (great last name), minister in charge of the Bill.

Conservation Minister Chris Carter, is already planning a civil union with his partner Peter Kaiser as soon as the law is implemented. Bless.

It has been a truly magical day. Thank you New Zealand. You’ve made a young gay man very proud indeed.

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