Joan of Arcadia.
Best. Show. Ever. And yes, I am a fifteen year old girl.

Drunken messages from friends in London. I love you too. Ya drunks.

Imagining Toby as my pool boy. In my fantasy he rescues a hedgehog from drowning and we celebrate with a bottle of cinzano. Toby and I, that is. The hedgehog doesn’t drink cinzano.

Spider Solitaire. When there is nothing else to help me procrastinate, I always have you - friend; opponent; secret lover.

Still being a non smoker (how many months is that now?). Yesterday New Zealand became smoke free – no more lighting up in bars or restaurants. I’m not gloating, honest.

Team America. For the swearing. And the tasteless sex scenes. Yes, I am a fifteen year old boy. Fuck Yeah.

Christmas in the Southern Hemisphere. Anyone want to sit on the beach with me tomorrow?


Tru Calling. Faith, how could you get it so wrong? Not even the fact that she’s called Tru Davies makes it bearable any more (I’m Drew Davies, gettit?). I hate you Eliza. And Jason Priestly looks puffy. Apparently the show has ‘...the sexiness and speed of "Run Lola Run," plus the ticking clock suspense of "24,"’ I want to squeeze the eyeballs of whoever wrote that, with my thumbs.

Chris. Nostalgia just isn’t what it used to be.

Staying home on Friday nights. I’m starting to talk to the TV as if it’s an animate object.

Hurting your shoulder. I’m doing too much freestyle, apparently. Now I have to demote myself every few days and do breaststroke.

Editing. Why can’t it all be perfect first time round?

Finding something to do for New Year’s in Wellington. Everyone says that private parties are the way to go. But I don’t know anyone to get invited *yells obscenities at television*


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