While the show is on, Chris is staying with friend’s parents in their apartment. It’s pretty swanky. I know, because I’ve sneaked around the place all week. They wouldn’t mind if they found out I was there, but it’s not great etiquette to invite someone over if you’re a guest yourself.

Last night I suggested we go to my house instead because everyone would be asleep. When I opened the door all the lights were already turned off so we crept into the darkness.
‘Hi Drew,’ came my Ma’s voice, clear as a bell from her room.
‘Er, hi. I’ve brought Chris back for a bit of a pash.’
The slightest of pauses followed.
‘O.K. Hi Chris.’
‘Hello, Mrs Davies.’

Sneaking around, bringing friends home and waking my Mother in the middle of the night - I think I’m officially a teenager again.


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: This is pretty nifty; a “community of New Zealand-centric weblogs” with regular columnists who take a look at the issues of the day.
There’s a gap in the market over here for regular comment and critique so I’m very interested to see if this takes off. p.s. Would love to write for you sometime, Mr Brown.


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